“Should I try an Asian girl? Vietnamese, for instance!”—a quite popular topic among American men nowadays. Vietnamese women seem exotic and so tender with their pale skin and kind almond-like eyes.

Still, the corners of Asian personalities are often left unrevealed to Western men. Do Vietnamese women make good wives, or is it better to never risk it by dating mysterious Asian ladies? We will soon find out.

Top-6 engaging facts about Vietnamese women

Let’s attempt to sneak-peak into the Vietnamese mentality. We gathered six mind-blowing yet featuring facts about Vietnamese girls to help you get closer to this quaint nationality.

Modest, restrained, sweet

The very true thing about any Vietnamese bride is typically Asian modesty. In Asian countries, behaving persistently and demonstrating openness is considered too “European” (translate “barbarian”).

The right behavior, especially with strangers or during meetings, lies in modesty. Vietnamese girls rarely express their opinions, preferring to agree with anything said by men while having a light smile on their faces.

A fiery temper if you let her down

They won’t, however, tolerate crossing the line. Things about not keeping your word, rude behavior, or anything related to insulting her family will swiftly uncover her inner fire. In this case, the Vietnamese girl can even raise her voice and turn into a furious wild cat.

Masters of cooking

Vietnam is a conservative country, with people traditionally oriented in nearly every aspect of their lives. Thereby, Vietnamese females have been cooking for their men since the Vietnam foundation, and now they can show off their top-notch cooking skills.

Since Vietnamese women are usually occupied as housewives and their time isn’t limited by work, they often prepare difficult and nutritious meals for their spouses.

Awesome moms

A Vietnamese girl for marriage is an awesome choice if you’re looking for a girlfriend who will make you happy with a child and will also make a caring parent. We shall return to the “they’re usually housewived” part of the text and understand that Vietnamese girls are extraordinarily dedicated hearth keepers.

They’re ready to defend their children, provide for them (if necessary), and implement everything to guarantee their contentful future.

Workaholics and perfectionists

Another typical Asian trait is being perfect. Ideal body shape, impeccably cleaned property, perfect timing. If they have a job, they work 14 hours per day. There is a real regulation in most Asian countries that obliges workers to take at least three sick days in a year!

Incredibly feminine

While in non-Asian countries, women are fighting to prove their equality and rights, doing a “
man’s job”, changing to look strong and endure, Asian girls have no idea about “feminism” at all. Vietnamese women are naturally sweet and nice, like flowers, and they’re trying to highlight their petite features with the right make-up and exquisite attire.

Furthermore, Vietnamese ladies would “let” a guy demonstrate his manhood rather than rushing in and handling everything themselves.

Puzzling out whether you are compatible with Vietnamese

You’re down there. Read the previous facts and feel confident that Vietnamese girls were created just for you? Maybe. Well, now we’re going to clear up whether you were created in harmony with a Vietnamese girl for marriage! Let’s get started. You’re compatible with Vietnamese women IF…

You will tolerate her parents

Not new but still relevant, Vietnamese women are complete of outdated world vision. They’re conservative, and you’ll notice it while exploring the following paragraphs. That means… You’re going to have permission from her parents to date her! Be ready to face the waves of suspiciousness, bias, and “no way my daughter will marry this animal!”

You accept model “provider-hearthkeeper”

The next headings are more about “how to butter up Vietnamese parents.” In Asian customs, a man has to provide his family with all the family needs, and “family” means “her Vietnamese parents” as well!

So, you’ll earn stars on your way to a successful career while your Vietnamese spouse will raise your children, cook wonderful meals, and stay charming.

You are going to learn Vietnamese

Yes, it’s crucial! Show her and her parents your pure, sincere respect for Vietnamese culture and language. Otherwise, Vietnamese parents won’t give you their daughter. Learning Vietnamese is not that difficult! Picture your Vietnamese sweetheart wiping her tears as she flips through the pages of an English dictionary!

You are wealthy or planning to become wealthy

Nothing to do with commercialism! Vietnam is a poor country, and every Vietnamese parents are fighting to find a decent and wealthy husband for their daughter, for a better life, of course.

On the other hand, if you meet a girl in Vietnam with a more open-minded pattern of thinking, there is a high chance she’ll open her own business (or become a well-known YouTube performer, clipping her workouts).

How to find a Vietnamese girl easily?

Let’s be honest, sometimes orchestrating a long trip in order to meet a girl in Vietnam is not an option for everyone. Nevertheless, the miraculous technologies of nowadays give us a wonderful capacity to use dating websites.

Tips: How to find a reliable dating website?

“Dating websites? This is all a big fraud!” you probably think. To be fair, the dating industry saw a plethora of cases related to scams and rigged profiles. However, if you know how to identify a trustworthy platform, you’ll more likely meet your love rather than another scummer. Tips!

  1. Take design into account. A rigged website won’t spend time and money on providing a decent design.
  2. Don’t fall for Too “easy” girls. Everyone here is eager to answer you, and you already have 100+ active chats, albeit you just created your profile? Sure, it’s a scam.
  3. Avoid an exceedingly expensive service. A reliable website values your loyalty when a rigged one hunts for your money. If you pay $5 per minute with a girl, be sure it’s not a reliable resource.
  4. Try to reach a support center. Impossible to reach support? A “dumb” website is not operated by anyone, meaning you’ll click a few drumming-up buttons to give a fraudster all your money. Try to contact a support center, and it’s a red flag if you don’t receive a sign of life.

Bonus tips: how to succeed using dating website?

Let’s at least learn some tricks for using dating websites so the time you spend there will bear some fruit eventually. So, how to actually reach girls and not turn them away?

  • Don’t neglect filling out your profile. Your profile should tell users much about your background, occupation, and what are you searching for.
  • Your profile picture has to be fresh, of excellent quality, and, you know, appealing. If you don’t have a fine picture of yourself, it’s time to hire a photographer.
  • Don’t be annoying. Girls love attention, but it may be repulsive when you’re spamming her with your letters. Take your time and give her space.
  • Don’t be rude, sarcastic, or insulting towards others. Be kind and demonstrate you’re a gentleman! And remember to ask more than to tell.
  • Try the catalog feature and really order a gift for your girl. The website will take care of the delivery, don’t worry about that.

Be or not to be? Are Vietnamese girls perfect for marriage?

Let’s summarize what we learned from this article. Or better yet, even turn it into “pros and cons” for convenience!

The cons of dating Vietnamese girls:

  • They have strict parents.
  • They’re very conservative.
  • They’re not fluent in English.
  • They’re vastly mysterious.

And the pros:

  • They’re nice and sweet and tender.
  • They’re faithful and make amazing parents.
  • They’re pros at cooking.
  • They’re perfect hearthkeepers.
  • They’re modest and cutely shy.
  • They have wonderful body shapes.

Now, since you have this little guide, whether you date a Vietnamese girl or not is up to you!